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Hi I'm Tewfiq, a designer in Paris 🇫🇷

Get +8 years of UX/UI practice,
Strategic Thinking and low ego at your fingertip!
+80 UX/UI Projects
+12 MVP

👀 I’m down with the Users & the Product.

I’m always downloading the latest apps, plugins, Beta, Services, SaaS, API, Template, UI Kits... It’s not just a job but it’s also my design culture 📓

🙌🏼 Also, i’m lucky to get a lot of different experience

I repeat the pratice over and over again with different types of products. I was exposed to so much different clients, strategies, business models, products, teams, industries, ux patterns, wireframes, customer journeys, onboarding people,...

🎯 I received skills to be a super versatile UXD!

Market intelligence, Strategy, Rapid Prototyping, Facilitation & Workshops, Design Sprints, No Code & Automation, UI Artistic Direction, Low code Web development, Brand ideology, ...

📈 Startup Mindset

Late 2000s i co-founded 2 Startups.

🏅 Track Record

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🏛 Education

I started economics at the Sorbonne and obtained a degree in econometrics.
Almost 10 years later, I studied information and communication technology at Dauphine.
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🏆 Trusted by teams at

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Ready to level up your UX NOW?

Good UX is good business”  – Andrew Kucheriavy CalendlyCall me
Design Thinking
UX Mapping
User Tests
UI Design

🙏🏼 Testimonials

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Gordon C. - LUV Inc.
“Tewfiq is a smart, easy going and has a generous personality. His brain is always working, very curious and he is always smiling. He's very knowledgeable in his fields, has wide range and a good eye about new cutting edge technologies, ergonomics and design.
One of the few people I have met who is always one step ahead of everybody else and can see what is coming around the corner. A valuable inspiring asset/consultant in any Design project.
Stay gold Tewfiq!”